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Oxycut on demand

In order to offer the most extensive service, you can collect your steel cut with millimetric accuracy, with the aid of our Oxycut department. > More info

Wide stock in plates

Use our warehouse as if it were yours. We do have a wide stock in steel plates with a thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 400mm and different types (tempered, stress-relieved, resistant to wear and tear, anti rust and special qualities). All of them aim to be immediately served.

Quick delivery

With the aid of our two warehouses, we are ready to answer your order from anywhere in the world.

Technical assistance

We help you to choose the most convenient steel for your needs: resistance to impact, traction, thickness, surface finishings, applications, etc. > More info

Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests of all types of metals. We offer you a wide range of metal testing services.


We export our products outside Spain, mainly for France, Portugal and Morocco.